25th Annual New Mexico infrastructure conference
"Recover, Restructure, Rebuild" | October 26-28, 2022

25th Annual NMIFC: “Recover, Restructure, Rebuild,” October 26-28, 2022

The 25th Annual New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference, “Recover, Restructure, Rebuild,” will take place October 26-28, 2022.

Location: Embassy Suites, 1000 Woodward Place NE, Albuquerque

2019 Conference Recap

The 24th Annual New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference was held from October 23 – 25th at the Las Cruces Convention Center. Thank you for a great conference!

Why Attend

Why Should I Attend This Conference?

The New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference (NMIFC) was created to help support the planning and funding of sustainable infrastructure projects throughout New Mexico. The conference offers local entities/communities, individuals, businesses and state agencies the opportunity to interact and network with each other to ask and answer questions, provide guidance and move forward as we all try to bring our states capital projects to reality.

Conference participants include up to 400 local governmental entities, legislators, federal agencies, special districts, school districts, tribes and pueblos, private organizations and New Mexico businesses. You’ll find out what your peers are doing, what the new trends are, and where there’s room for movement and improvement.

The NMIFC Conferences offers opportunities to expand your knowledge base, and network with others directly involved in local government, and local government financing. At this event, you’ll participate in general and break-out sessions specifically designed to stimulate your personal and professional growth. This is the largest event of its kind in New Mexico.

Our organizing partners and speakers also offer New Mexico entities relevant information about financing and technical assistance to facilitate the planning and implementation of much-needed capital projects throughout New Mexico. The conference provides three days of sessions and workshops filled with keynote speakers addressing our economy, the recession, and recovery. Presentations will also include planning, tourism, tribal, utilities, water and wastewater, economic development, transportation, housing, and other public infrastructure. The conference provides the opportunity to meet with key contacts that can answer your questions and guide you as you bring your community’s projects to reality. We look forward to meeting you during this conference as we work together to plan, fund, and complete projects.

Conference Feedback

We hope you enjoy the conference!  Our goal is to provide relevant information to help support the planning and funding of infrastructure projects throughout New Mexico.

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