General Sessions

  1. What’s New with State Capital Outlay
  2. State Revenue Sources – What Can We Do Better? Presented by Senator Pete Campos
  3. Legislative Perspective on Capital Outlay
  4. Green Building Initiatives- NM General Services Department- Leading by Example


  1. Funding Opportunities for Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure
  2. Carrying Out Capital Outlay
  3. Partnering with your Engineer: Building Trust in the Design Process
  4. Certification Process for 100% State Funded Awards
  5. Tribal/ Local Public Agency Handbook
  6. Risk Assessment for Funding

Community & Economic Development

  1. GrowIt – 2019 – Leveraging Resources to Grow your Local Businesses
  2. NM Partnership Presentation
  3. NMEDD Funding Programs to Support Business Growth
  4. Vacant Commercial Buildings Turning Liabilities into Assets
  5. Greening Your Economy
  6. Community Development Block Grant
  7. Outdoor Recreation as an Economic Driver


  1. Affordable Housing, Workspace and Economic Development at Siler Yard


  1. Project Management Fundamentals
  2. Construction Programs Bureau Project Management
  3. Operator Certification Issues & Challenges
  4. Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project
  5. Challenges and Benefits of Regionalization
  6. Regionalization: A Comprehensive Approach
  7. Case Study: City of Gallup Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System Upgrades
  8. Benefits and Uses of the Public Project Revolving Fund
  9. Funding Utilities Projects


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