Download presentations and handouts from the 2015 New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference.

2 CFR 200 Internal Controls Workshop | Monica Gourd
Asset Mgt Tools and Resources_Asset Mgt Planning with Statewide Criteria GIS | Danielle Shuryn
Asset Mgt Tools and Resources_Asset Mgt Tools and Resources GIS | Heather Himmelberger
Asset Mgt Tools and Resources_Solutions for Water Natural Resources and the Environment | Jennifer Hill
Asset Mgt Tools and Resources_Speeding Up an Old Process Using GIS | Gathen Garcia
Asset Mgt Tools and Resources_Understanding Non-Revenue Water as a Strategic Process GIS | Heather Himmelberger
Best Practices in Collaborating for Business_Project Start Up Native American Beef | Al Silva
Best Practices in Collaborating for Business_Project Start Ups_Montech Inc  | Monica Jojola
Building Your Local Economy through Asset Based Economic Development | Rich Williams
Funding Options for All_Acequia Rehabilitation Program Overview | Jonathan Martinez
Funding Options for All_New Mexico Economic Development Dept Overview
| Johanna Nelson
Funding Options for All_NMFA Public Project Revolving Fund | Donna Maestas
Innovations in Water Re_Use_Above Ground Use of Reclaimed Domestic Wastewater | Brian Schall
Innovations in Water Re_Use_Cloudcroft PURe Water Project Overview and Status | Andrea Telmo
Innovations in Water Re_Use_Looking to the Future Water Re Use Options and Proposals | Peter Nathanson
Innovations in Water Re_Use_The Changing the Face of Wastewater Treatment Imagining the Possibilities | Ron Williams
Innovations in Water Re_Use_Using Reclaimed Water for Irrigation | John DeSha
NMDOT Long Range Plan and Transportation Asset Management Plan | Anne McLaughlin
Overview of Local Government Road Fund and Capital Outlay Procedures for NMDOT Projects | Debbie Hudson
Regionalization Efforts Across NM_Lower Valley Lagoon Decommissioning Project |
Regionalization Efforts Across NM_NM Regional and State Water Planning | Angela Bordegaray
Regionalization Efforts Across NM_Regional Water Authorities | Roman Lucero
The Future of Water_Part 1 | Art Umble
The Future of Water_Part 2 | Art Umble
Tribal and Local Public Agency Processes and Deadlines | Ted Barela
Tribal Infrastructure Fund Guideline Updates and Capital Outlay Panel | Debbie Romero
Using Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits for Rehabilitation and New Construction | Greta Armijo
Watershed Management Fundamentals and Regulatory Changes_EPA New NPDES Small Muni Storm Sewer System Permit | Sarah Holcomb
Watershed Management Fundamentals and Regulatory Changes_Lessons Learned from MS4 Implementation | Dave Gatterman
Watershed Management Fundamentals and Regulatory Changes_SWCD Role in Local Watershed Improvements | Steven Glass
Watershed Management Fundamentals and Regulatory Changes_Watershed Fundamentals | Steven Glass