Best Practice Awards

Awards are presented in the categories listed below. The purpose of the awards is to highlight a project in each category where innovative solutions were implemented incorporating community‐wide solutions and participation. Recognition is provided to an organization that undertook and successfully completed a project. The person accepting the award should be someone instrumental in the project. Categories include:

  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • Tribal

Download the 2016 Best Practice Awards Nomination Form


Joe Gullien Award

In 1999, the New Mexico Outstanding Community Development Service Award was named to honor the career achievements of then Deputy Director of Local Government Division, Joe
Guillen. For 27 years, Mr. Guillen worked tirelessly on behalf of municipalities, counties, and special districts statewide to assist with infrastructure planning and to provide technical assistance to elected and appointed officials.

Nominations should be made for individuals whose work has been dedicated to the service of New Mexico communities, and whose efforts have provided a vision for the long‐term sustainability and health of the community.

Download the 2016 Joe Guillen Award Nomination Form


Catalina Muniz “Utilities” Award

Catalina Muniz provided technical assistance for several organizations including Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC). Catalina helped rural communities replace aging infrastructure, obtain funding, and complete reporting requirements. Catalina enjoyed working with volunteers and community members across New Mexico. She often went above
and beyond with her time and effort to improve the lives of the communities she worked in.
The award highlights projects that surpass the expectations in order to improve the lives of their community. The project should provide a vision for the long term sustainability and health of the community that it serves.

Download the 2016 Catalina Muniz Award Nomination Form